33 North St, Guelph, ON N1H 5J6


Welcome To Royal City Co-op

The Royal City Housing Coop was built in 1991 and members first moved in January 1992. It is run by an elected Board of Directors and is maintained and developed by the work of various committees.

Our community consists of approximately 33 adult members and 37 children and is constantly growing and changing.

We offer such amenities as fridge and stove for each unit, underground parking, wet/dry garbage pick-up, and laundry.

One of our biggest attractions for prospective new members (especially those with small children) is our unique courtyard, which is situated between our two buildings. This is a great place for our members to meet and have fun while knowing their children are safe.

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About Co-ops

A housing Cooperative is a group of people who form a corporation to provide housing services for themselves.

Co-op living is unique to all other forms of housing because it represents a community living within a community.

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Application Process

To make an application as a market applicant, please contact the Co-op office to confirm if a suitable unit is available, and to confirm if market applications are being accepted.

Due to the quota restrictions there will be times market applications cannot be accepted.

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Floor Plans & Rates

Royal City Co-op has 28 housing units. You can review and download the floor plans for each type of unit by visiting this page.

Our members pay their housing charges on a monthly basis. Click here to learn more about the charges for our various units.

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Photo Gallery

Our housing co-op is located in beautiful Guelph and offers a clean, well landscaped community for our members to enjoy.

Feel free to get acquainted with our community by visiting our photo gallery page and enjoy the views of our co-op.

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